Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Everything Belongs!

When you take the time and make the effort to just stop running willy nilly to and fro, you just may begin to realize that the Universe is having a conversation with you!  And that everything belongs!

Now I have passed by this barn a zillion times, always commenting on how much I love it.  And as the sun was going down on this particular journey, we pulled over just to take in the beauty.  Oh how I wish I could watercolor that sky!

As we sat there, watching the sun fade away, down over the ridge, I was completely and totally engulfed in this glorious moment capturing God's handiwork.  I couldn't even tell you how long we sat there.  I recall now, there was no talking between my husband and I, there were no words necessary.

There was also nothing else present...no lingering thoughts of where we were supposed to be, or where we had just come from, what we were doing, what we have to do next, not even noise from the cars, trucks, tractors that use this country road.  NOTHING!  AND IT WAS PERFECT!



And as the sun went down on this, my favorite barn setting, on our way to and fro, I smile with the knowledge that I am blessed.  And I am exactly where I belong!


  1. Beautifully written. I love how you describe that holy moment in God's presence: under his wings.

  2. I remember when this thought/realization/ah-ha moment hit me as well, Vicki. I was 19 years old and I had this thought hit me all of a sudden.....everything was connected. It changed my life.
    Thanks for sharing this with us here and I am happy you lived this moment in time to the fullest.

    1. Love those aha moments...wonder how many I missed before I was awakened...if ya know what I mean? I am tuned in now, for sure! It's all good!

  3. This is such a lovely post and the photos are beautiful. I love being in nature, as it helps me to keep things in perspective and enjoy the beauty around me, of life, and to just be! You have a lovely blog. :)