Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Fire on the Mountain

The 2nd wildfire up on the ridge in the past 2 years...this one is just as bad as last year's Spring wildfire at over 2000 acres burned.  And while it has gotten very close to some homes, so far all have been spared...including the one on our side of the ridge, not far from our own.  Too close for comfort, I can tell you that. 
There were high winds on Saturday when it started,  making things much worse, as we all were doing rain dances.  The smoke was unbearable, on such a fine Spring day, when we would normally have all the windows open. 

As a new day dawns, it continues to spread, burning on both sides of the ridge.
The fire has made it's way down this side of the ridge, and the smoke is ever closer.  
Oh, those are not low clouds.  The little bit of rain did not completely extinguish, and the smoke lingers throughout the woods.   At this point, the fire has been contained...we need a good soaking rain.  So, if you feel inclined to get out there and do a silly rain dance, GO FOR IT!  And thank you!

Friday, April 22, 2016


The other day I had the privilege of performing with my ukulele friends for a Senior Citizens Luncheon.  A lovely event, with the best food.  Don't know that I have ever had Filet Mignon for lunch before, but hey, that with Roast Turkey, Baked Ham and all the perfect side dishes, was an incredible way to spend a few hours away from work.  Yes, I blew off a few hours of work to entertain this group at their ceremonial luncheon to swear in the new officers.  And I certainly wasn't leaving without dessert, even though I did have to take it on the run to get back to work before my coverage expired.

Anyway, on my way out the door carrying my Martin C1K Ukulele on my back, a lady sitting all alone by the door motioned for me to come to her.  I always love to engage the elderly, for they are full of wisdom and some wonderful stories of days long ago.

As I approached this woman, she reached out her hand to say, "You are beautiful.  And not only on the outside.  There is a special beauty that comes from within you that radiates and shines.  It makes me smile!"

Well, I asked her name, told her mine, as we shook hands.  But I could not leave there without giving her a hug and telling her how much that meant to me.  Her words to me made my whole day!

Now here I am always happy to be giving of myself to bring joy to others.  It's who I am, it's what I do.  We go out regularly and strum the ukulele at the hospital, and we do the nursing home circuit, as well as other venues, and I absolutely love it.  And I love it because what I witness first hand by doing something so simple as strumming and singing for these folks, makes this little light of mine shine even brighter.  Some of these residents just come to life and sing their hearts out at the first strum of Five Foot Two, or Bill Bailey.  Those who can get up and boogie, do so, and I for one, am not one to just stand still as I strum Let's Twist Again.  I am still trying to figure out how to strum and do the twist at the same time!

Anyway, I will continue to spread joy, to bring smiles, to radiate my true light from the depths of my soul, because that is its true purpose. It was given to me so that I can share it, in hopes that someone out there in darkness will see the light, and know they are not alone.   I am blessed!

I will conclude with a little strum of...

This little light of mine, I'm gonna let it shine
This little light of mine, I'm gonna let it shine
This little light of mine, I'm gonna let it shine
Let it shine, let it shine, let it shine!!!

Friday, April 15, 2016


There is a little stone church up on the mountain that has an incredible view.
I do not belong to this church, but it is a popular place, and many come to visit just for the view.   It is a popular place for weddings.  Recently at a memorial service for a friend, I captured the stained glass window as it told a story of its own.  

The Stone Church welcomes all seekers. Our motto is, “Open to people, open to God.” As you walk through the beautiful mahogany front door, you will face a stained-glass window based on the words of the prophet Isaiah: “For my house shall be a house of prayer for all peoples” (Isaiah 56:7). On the window are symbols from eight of the world’s major religions, from Christianity and Islam to Buddhism and Native American faiths.  Our community comes from many different traditions – including Catholic, Presbyterian, Episcopal, Methodist and Jewish. We are gay and straight, married and single, young and old, and we find common ground in the affirming spirit of this remarkable place.
The simple message here and the spirit that envelops you as you enter this church, is one of unity.  Whatever your belief system is, we are one.   As a seeker, you must have the vision of a seeker, and that vision does not come from your eyesight, but from your soul, where the true spirit lies within all of us!

In this lifetime, I hope and pray to witness the true communion of all the peoples of this great land, where the exchange of thoughts and emotions can be realized on a spiritual level so that peace can truly prevail...for one and for all!
Peace be with you on this fine day!

With much Aloha to one and all!

Friday, April 8, 2016

So This is Spring???

Glad to back with Nancy for Random 5 Friday.  
1.  This week started out like this.  Yes, snow in April!  The birds and animals are very confused.  The daffodils had a short stay.

2.  We enjoyed a wonderful outing for a concert with the New York Wind Symphony featuring local cellist Eileen Moon of the NY Philharmonic under the direction of Johan de Meij. And the icing on that cake was that our daughter performed with them on clarinet, just as she did at their debut performance at Carnegie Hall.   BRAVO!

3.  I am vowing to tackle at least one pile of "stuff" left behind from each of the 3 littles who made us "empty nesters".  Empty?  Ha! So, I guess that is 3 piles of "stuff".  I am prepared with large boxes for donation, and an extra large trash bin.  I warned them that anything left behind is fair game.  

4.  Hubby has date night planned for tomorrow, though truth be told, I would much rather stay home by the fire with a glass of wine and a good movie.  Yes, more snow is on the way.  

5.  A wonderful friend just gifted me these lovely eggs from her free range chickens.  What wonderful timing, because this morning before work, I had 1 egg left!  I just love how the Universe speaks to me!  
This morning the snow is gone...temporarily...April Fools continues!
   and with TexWisGirl for Good Fences.  Stop by for a visit!



Wednesday, April 6, 2016


Linking up with friends for Wordless Wednesday because sometimes silence is best!

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Is it really all good?


I am a bookworm.  And a music lover.  Not a musician, but a lover of music.  (I leave the musicianship to our 3 very talented littles.)  As a youngster, I would race to the public library and spend my time lost in adventures.   I have my own library full of books in my home now.  OK, maybe more than I should have all over the house, but the very old vintage ones with those wonderful spines are very decorative, and they are my absolute faves.  I haven't read all of them, either.  Most of them I have acquired at used book sales, and I have posted before about the ones with that lovely script handwriting of old, claiming ownership or gifting a book to a new owner.  Yes, Old Friends for sure.  

Now as I curl up with a book, currently A Force for Good by Daniel Goleman, to try and distract me from tragic news that arrived earlier in the day, I peer at my piano and notice the old barnwood sign made by a friend that reads, "It's all good".  Yet, it really isn't.  For my heart pains for a tragic loss of a young extended family member who died much too young.  We didn't know him well, but it hurts just to know that his immediate family unit is totally numb.  

And we go on. 

Not being able to focus on any reading, I turn on the tube which doesn't get much use because there really isn't anything good on anymore, except for the cool stuff on National Geographic or the History channel.  And I click through channels only to hear more bad news.  Tragedy all over the place.  There has to be something good going on somewhere in the world in which we live.  But why don't we hear or see any of it on TV?  Has society gone so far off the rails that it must tune into such dark and negative and painful sufferings of humanity for entertainment?  How sad!

So, I call it a day, cuddle up to my wonderful husband of 29 years, close my eyes and go inward to tap into the glory of my awakened soul which keeps me in tune.

I realize that I am only one.  And I wonder sometimes if it is possible for just one person to make a difference in this life where there is so much chaos and strife among our fellow man.  I am strong. I am hopeful.  And I am determined.  So yes, I will go forward with my radiant light, in hopes that someone who is in the dark will see it, and understand that they are not alone.  Most of all, that there IS light, even in darkness.  
I am grateful for all that I  have.  And I urge all of you to practice compassion wherever you may go.  One simple act can make all the difference in the world to another human being.  Help me to keep humanity from destroying itself.  For then, yes, it will be ALL GOOD!

Monday, April 4, 2016

More Snow...really???

Waking up to more snow on April 4th is not what I had in mind as little # 3 has to trek through the mountains to go back to school.  Of course, if she hadn't been playing around all weekend, she would've listened to the 'rents and gone back before the snow started!  But heck, what do we know?  We are just the PARENTS, who know nothing!!! 

Poor geese are soooo confused!
Of course, after her white-knuckle driving experience that took her much, much longer than normal, she has arrived safely back on campus...just in time to go to work!  Don't ya just love it???

So, take a stroll around the pond with me...but bundle up, cause Baby it's cold outside!


Sunday, April 3, 2016

April Foolishness

Well, if the snow had come on April 1st, we would have laughed a little more.  But here on April 3rd, it is soooo not funny!  The poor daffodils were caught off guard and the temperature plunge back into the 20's and then into the teens is not what we had in mind after the 60 - 70 degree days of last week.

The high winds are bringing down alot of dead branches that we are using in the woodstove, keeping us nice and warm through this early spring freeze.  The birds are confused, and I did not hear a peep out of the spring peepers last night. I hope they burrowed down deep into the leaves in the woods to survive, for their sounds were the true welcoming of Spring.

Whether the weather be fine,
Or whether the weather be not,
Whether the weather be cold,
Or whether the weather be hot,
We'll weather the weather
Whatever the weather,
Whether we like it or not!
 Author: unknown Linking up with LauraI HEART MACRO