Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Good Vibrations

Recently, while visiting a state park that I had not been to since I was very, very young, I came across this wonderful display that was created by a mother and young boy as they enjoyed the cool mountain water on such a hot summer day.  They were very excited to share their natural creation with me as I strolled by.

The good vibrations that are sent out into the universe in this manner will always spark a reaction from an awakened soul.  For this display is the real handiwork of our Creator.  From the wonderful leaves, and shaped rocks, to the lovely family unit of mother with son who created this work of art.  And when you are tapped into the universal frequency of sheer humanity, which is truly just BE-ING, peace and tranquility are there in abundance.  Even in times of stress and turmoil, one can be transformed quite easily with the practice of gratitude and simple abundance.

Just imagine yourself coming upon this wonderful, natural display of beauty as your mind babble continues to badger you about such things that you really cannot do much about.  Snap out of it, and enjoy the beauty of the moment that is NOW!  You may not get another chance.  This I know for sure!

After reading a Random Musing from a blog friend Deborah about the letter V, the word vibrations came to mind, and this photo that I took last month was the one that foot the bill for this post!

Tune in...for we are all connected in such a Very Vibrant and especially, Vital, manner...and who in the world does not like Violets???

And may Peace be with you!

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