Friday, August 23, 2013

The Universe...Here On Earth

Seek and ye shall find...
Recently my soul has awakened to its true purpose in this shell of a body of mine.  It is guiding me through a beautiful transformation that is directly affecting my heart.  For there is a divine love that comes from within the soul when the pathway opens up to the seeker who acknowledges the signs and symbols that are ever present if one chooses to accept them.  The seeker must be receptive to the dialogue that is taking place all around us in this universe that we all belong to.

There is truth that comes from within, that will set you free.  Free to choose how you react, free to explore without fear, free to see more clearly through the fog, free to JUST BE!  Free to love and be loved without judgment.  And this has given me great happiness.  So much so that nothing seems to bother me.  Negativity skirts me and new opportunities seem to take the place of obstacles. I am able to let go and just let it be.  I am evolving, and it is a beautiful journey.  A profound and very vivid spiritual journey.  I am full of life!  And...IT'S ALL GOOD!!!