Wednesday, May 28, 2014


The Canadian Geese are back to the pond.  It is nice to see them after such a long winter.  Though, I often wonder...are these the very same ones who mated here last year?  Did they bring some strays?  Are the "extras", the goslings of last spring that have returned back to the nest with the folks?

Well after reading several pages of facts online, I believe the original pair has returned with the now grown goslings of several years. Some of them now old enough to mate.  This year I have spotted 7, and I only remember 5 from last year.

It's always great when the eggs hatch and those fuzzy little birds make their way out and about.  Fun to watch them cross the back country road, just following along to see if the grass is greener over there.

One thing I do know, is that they are a constant reminder, that some things will never change.  There will always be geese on the pond.  They may be generations older than the ones we first spotted when we first moved out into the sticks, but they always return.  And they stay for our natural enjoyment until is time for them to gather together with other flocks of geese, and head to a warmer climate for the long cold winters that the northeast provides.

Yes, it's nice to see a natural bond, without any of the human daily grind that some humans seem to thrive on...stress! 

The geese are there at the pond.  And that makes me smile:)

It's a beautiful day...even in the rain...enjoy!