Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Warm at Heart

Just be...
The ice age continues to challenge us here in the Northeast United States, and I am warmed by the idea of being connected to the lovely people around the world who are experiencing their normal sunny and tropical temperatures.  Especially those lovely folks in Hawaii who are sending out their Aloha Spirit for me to tap into.  Strumming my ukulele helps with those vibes.
This monster icicle, that hangs off of the building in which I work was calling to me.  It is beautiful in its own right, and continues to grow; at least 12 feet as it is now!  It has such amazing texture with ridges and bumps and tiny little droplets at the ends.  If only the sun were shining to capture its true beauty. 
The snow continues to fall.

I was careful not to stand directly underneath it, but was so mesmerized by the life and character that is beaming from this sculpture of Mother Nature, that I just had to get up close and personal.  That the corner of the roof where it hangs hasn't broken off with all the weight, is a sign of a good and wholesome spirit that is embedded in this version of Water...the source of life.
 Yes, the beauty of Mother Nature has a story of warmth to express...from the heart directly to the soul! Tune in.  It's meaning is as clear as this ice...let all thoughts go and enjoy your true purpose of life!

  Awaken to your very own glory! Don't think...just be!!! 

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Leaf Shadow

While wandering out and about after another snow dump, I came across this dangling maple leaf hanging on for dear life with the help of a friendly spider web.  It made me pause to think of the beautiful autumn that gave in to old man winter, which is providing yet more beauty for those of us who love to partake in the conversations out of doors with the universe.  

Now this snowy oak leaf, is quite strong in her own right, for as the torrential rains and high winds that always come through just when the autumnal colors have met their glorious peak, she held steadfast for the duration of her glory on the mighty oak branch...yes, a true cling-on, because we have had some nasty ice and snow here in the northeast. She is in tune with her high self!

And she has quite the vantage point from where she clings.  She knows where all the acorns are stashed, too.  The chipmunks and squirrels take no notice of her as she watches them skitter here and there making tracks in the snow as they keep busy with their winter meanderings.

Old man winter is here for now...we must be grateful for this day regardless of the weather.  It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood!  Tune in...the universe is having a convo with all of us!  We are connected...and it's simply divine!!!