Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Warm at Heart

Just be...
The ice age continues to challenge us here in the Northeast United States, and I am warmed by the idea of being connected to the lovely people around the world who are experiencing their normal sunny and tropical temperatures.  Especially those lovely folks in Hawaii who are sending out their Aloha Spirit for me to tap into.  Strumming my ukulele helps with those vibes.
This monster icicle, that hangs off of the building in which I work was calling to me.  It is beautiful in its own right, and continues to grow; at least 12 feet as it is now!  It has such amazing texture with ridges and bumps and tiny little droplets at the ends.  If only the sun were shining to capture its true beauty. 
The snow continues to fall.

I was careful not to stand directly underneath it, but was so mesmerized by the life and character that is beaming from this sculpture of Mother Nature, that I just had to get up close and personal.  That the corner of the roof where it hangs hasn't broken off with all the weight, is a sign of a good and wholesome spirit that is embedded in this version of Water...the source of life.
 Yes, the beauty of Mother Nature has a story of warmth to express...from the heart directly to the soul! Tune in.  It's meaning is as clear as this ice...let all thoughts go and enjoy your true purpose of life!

  Awaken to your very own glory! Don't think...just be!!! 


  1. it's a water fall of an icicle~!
    amazing stuff for sure.


  2. I've been missing you. Haven't seen you around and was hoping all was ok. These are spectacular. I like how icicles develop rings in thier melting pattern.

  3. Hello Hula,
    This should warm your heart - you've just won my giveaway :)
    Can you send your mailing address using the Contact Form on my blog (the blogger profile email link doesn't seem to work...) xx

  4. I don't miss ice and snow like that, but this is beautiful. Thank you so much for sharing.