Monday, March 31, 2014

Out and About

Pileated Woodpecker
A bit blurry, but this guy was pecking his little heart out yesterday in my woods.  And boy could you hear it.  He is quite happy that the snow is melting away, too!  We might actually have spring here in the northeast, even though the snow is still piled up in places.  Some snow banks are still over 3 feet tall.  But today, after weekend flood watches due to the rain the entire weekend, the sun is shining bright!

When Mother Nature has so much to offer out of doors, it is a cosmic call from the Universe for all of us to get out there and tune in.  It was last Spring when the stars aligned and the message for my soul was as loud as this woodpecker... "AWAKEN TO YOUR TRUE AUTHENTIC SELF".  

I can't say the exact moment, but I can tell you this, it all became very clear to me.  My entire reason for being.  The meaning of life!  A profound moment indeed, and it didn't stop.  The floodgates opened and a dialogue began that has truly changed my whole life!  Anger was dislodged, forgiveness was bestowed upon others, and more importantly myself.  That one was a BIGGIE!  Fear disappeared...Courage stepped up, Compassion made way, and I am HAPPY!  Completely HAPPY! And it is always apparent with this constant smile that is on my face...night and and night!  Even when external sources try to invade my peaceable kingdom with their dread...even when I witness behavior in public that is so ridiculous, or worse, I smile...and I can feel it travel throughout my body, and I breathe out and release the energy of my smile out to whomever may be in need of one.

Along with this great red-headed friend, the owls are back, and the Canadian geese have returned to the pond.  Recently we went to an area in Upstate New York where the Eagles make a regular stop along the Delaware River for the fresh running water, once the weather starts to break.  Though we only saw two eagles that day, and they were too far away for my little Canon sure shot, it was a terrific sight!  But you can see the Eagles through this LIVE feed at a different location at Duke Farms. Check this out...Eagle Cam.

 Upstate New York
Find time to dig into your own being.  You will find peace resides within.  You will also discover that stress does not rule your life.  Nor does anger, or spite, or hatred or rage...not even road rage!   Just SMILE BIG!  Make the time to experience Mother Nature in all of her glory.  That is when compassion and gratitude will enter if you open wide, and all negativity will be released out into the Universe to be transmuted into good positive vibrations!

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Good Fences

From a gorgeous autumn...
To's been a long, cold winter.
 The great thaw is underway.

The orchards are prepared and
getting ready to burst into all their glory!

Springtime is a time for renewal...a time to breathe deep and tap into the beauty of your own soul.  I grew up in the northeast, lived in the west, visited the south, but there is something so magical about the changing of seasons that I know I could never live anywhere else.

There is peace when you partake in the natural evolutionary process that is provided, as time moves on.  The birds and other wildlife know what time of year it is, and their instinct dictates the true course of nature.  

It is quite entertaining to watch the creatures come out from the drudges of the deep freeze, even though it is still brown and muddy with no real sign of botanical growth yet.  It's like a child visiting the playground for the first time...running here, flitting there.

Once again, I have great intentions for a fabulous garden, as I do every spring, even though living in the deep woods provides limited sunshine.  Container gardening is part of the landscape around here.

With the expertise of my friends Nina and Andrea who both have gardens you can swoon over and wander around, for hours on end, I am inspired to create a colorful landscape to attract butterflies, and hummingbirds, and of course, to save the honeybees.
Nina's at Two Crow Cottage Gardens
Andrea's of Indian Springs

my last spring's glory

I am hopeful that my crocuses, daffodils and tulips will peek out at me any day now.  Though it was a dreadful 8 degrees last night!  I believe with all my heart that the gorgeous irises and the lavender plants stored up all their energy for a terrific showcase of upcoming blooms.

And I will continue to evolve and be rejuvenated by the fresh air and the simple abundance that the universe provides me.  I am grateful!
And I'm linking up today with TexWisGirl for GOOD FENCES # 1!
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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Hope Springs Eternal

Hope Springs Eternal (with the end of my store bought tulips)

The thermometer says 28, but those 40 mph winds tell a different story of that 28 degrees.
The weatherman says, 28, but it feels like 16...well yes, it does, and worse, as that cold wind blows right through to the bone.

But, last week we had this for one whole day...the beginnings of the great thaw!
I can see over the mountain of snow in my front yard now.
This muddy mess is frozen over again...but soon!
 There is no season such delight can bring
As summer, autumn, winter and the spring.
~William Browne

I, for one, love the changing of the seasons.  I am grateful for this cold, springy day and for the birds that are determined to declare it is indeed springtime.  They continue to sing their
glorious songs, as they are tuned in to the universal law of nature.  They know!!!

Friday, March 7, 2014

Deep Breaths

As it is finally time to "Spring" forward and turn our clocks ahead for Daylight Savings Time, the excitement of going out of doors for my meditation brings me GREAT JOY!  Of course, there is still a mountain of snow and ice that must go through it's springy transformation and create a tremendous amount of mud before I can actually go out into the woods to sit peacefully. 

 Until then, I will listen to the birds sing their glorious songs, 
for they know what time of year it is!
And I will continue to practice gratitude to stay in tune with my authentic self.  Consciousness and the ability to "JUST BE"  is the blessing of life.  Every human being has the ability to live a life of true peace, and sheer joy...that is what Divine Love is all about.  We are all connected in the Universe and we were all created from the same source... The scientists and religious theologians, while they may have different viewpoints on the topics of creation and evolution, we must work together to achieve the peaceful existence that was intended for all of us for our time on this earth. 
The truth is, we are all born of the same life source.  WE ARE ONE!