Monday, March 31, 2014

Out and About

Pileated Woodpecker
A bit blurry, but this guy was pecking his little heart out yesterday in my woods.  And boy could you hear it.  He is quite happy that the snow is melting away, too!  We might actually have spring here in the northeast, even though the snow is still piled up in places.  Some snow banks are still over 3 feet tall.  But today, after weekend flood watches due to the rain the entire weekend, the sun is shining bright!

When Mother Nature has so much to offer out of doors, it is a cosmic call from the Universe for all of us to get out there and tune in.  It was last Spring when the stars aligned and the message for my soul was as loud as this woodpecker... "AWAKEN TO YOUR TRUE AUTHENTIC SELF".  

I can't say the exact moment, but I can tell you this, it all became very clear to me.  My entire reason for being.  The meaning of life!  A profound moment indeed, and it didn't stop.  The floodgates opened and a dialogue began that has truly changed my whole life!  Anger was dislodged, forgiveness was bestowed upon others, and more importantly myself.  That one was a BIGGIE!  Fear disappeared...Courage stepped up, Compassion made way, and I am HAPPY!  Completely HAPPY! And it is always apparent with this constant smile that is on my face...night and and night!  Even when external sources try to invade my peaceable kingdom with their dread...even when I witness behavior in public that is so ridiculous, or worse, I smile...and I can feel it travel throughout my body, and I breathe out and release the energy of my smile out to whomever may be in need of one.

Along with this great red-headed friend, the owls are back, and the Canadian geese have returned to the pond.  Recently we went to an area in Upstate New York where the Eagles make a regular stop along the Delaware River for the fresh running water, once the weather starts to break.  Though we only saw two eagles that day, and they were too far away for my little Canon sure shot, it was a terrific sight!  But you can see the Eagles through this LIVE feed at a different location at Duke Farms. Check this out...Eagle Cam.

 Upstate New York
Find time to dig into your own being.  You will find peace resides within.  You will also discover that stress does not rule your life.  Nor does anger, or spite, or hatred or rage...not even road rage!   Just SMILE BIG!  Make the time to experience Mother Nature in all of her glory.  That is when compassion and gratitude will enter if you open wide, and all negativity will be released out into the Universe to be transmuted into good positive vibrations!

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  1. Nothing better than having the sky overhead. Love the PWP - I got very excited the first time I ever saw one, which as a rather long time ago!

    Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne