Monday, October 27, 2014

Coming Home

Sunset at Waikiki
"Nothing is worth more than this day"

I have been absent from blogland, so that I may honor my Mother in a very unique way by carrying her heart and soul back to her island paradise of Hawaii.   It has been many years since she left the islands, before the commercialism and tourism took hold, and before Hawaii even became a state.  
It was wartime when she met my soldier father, married and started a family, and I have discovered that I have many family ties there among the many islands, though Kauai is her birthplace.  And it truly is paradise.  I even got to strum the ukulele on Waikiki Beach...
Meeting family for the first time and being so far away from home was abit overwhelming, since I made the 5000 mile journey all by my big, bad girl self.  But I must say, all the anxiety and worry was for nothing because it was an incredible trip, full of great joy.   And I am very happy to say that my island family members are so full of the true Aloha Spirit that has been a part of my own soul as well as my siblings', and even my own children.  They are beautiful people, so harmonious, and I am truly blessed at this stage of my life to discover an extended family so full of life and love.  I even have a lovely 13-year old hula dancer cousin.   

Even though Mama passed away many years ago, she was with me, and I know in my heart that she is happy and resting in peace.

Aloha O'e Mama...until we meet again...