Friday, April 8, 2016

So This is Spring???

Glad to back with Nancy for Random 5 Friday.  
1.  This week started out like this.  Yes, snow in April!  The birds and animals are very confused.  The daffodils had a short stay.

2.  We enjoyed a wonderful outing for a concert with the New York Wind Symphony featuring local cellist Eileen Moon of the NY Philharmonic under the direction of Johan de Meij. And the icing on that cake was that our daughter performed with them on clarinet, just as she did at their debut performance at Carnegie Hall.   BRAVO!

3.  I am vowing to tackle at least one pile of "stuff" left behind from each of the 3 littles who made us "empty nesters".  Empty?  Ha! So, I guess that is 3 piles of "stuff".  I am prepared with large boxes for donation, and an extra large trash bin.  I warned them that anything left behind is fair game.  

4.  Hubby has date night planned for tomorrow, though truth be told, I would much rather stay home by the fire with a glass of wine and a good movie.  Yes, more snow is on the way.  

5.  A wonderful friend just gifted me these lovely eggs from her free range chickens.  What wonderful timing, because this morning before work, I had 1 egg left!  I just love how the Universe speaks to me!  
This morning the snow is gone...temporarily...April Fools continues!
   and with TexWisGirl for Good Fences.  Stop by for a visit!




  1. Hello, I am dropping by from nancy's R5F. Your snow and fence scene are pretty. The eggs look great. I am also gradually getting things together for the Goodwill, it is time to downsize some more. Happy Friday, enjoy your weekend!

  2. wonderful fence shot! sorry about more snow expected - i'm with you on the stay home with fire and glass of wine. :)

  3. we are supposed to get some snow showers tomorrow but it won't stick, but it will be cold! i just cleaned my daughter's room last week and it feels so good. she doesn't live here as she is away at school but at christmas i used it as a wrapping and gift station and then my twin boys cleaned their room and moved all the stuff they didn't want into ashlyn's was a cluttered mess that i didn't want to deal with but i am so happy it is done! when it is so cold out i prefer staying in too...have a fun date night!

  4. My goodness, your horse and snow picture is beautiful. And, what a great friend you have to gift you with fresh eggs.

  5. 1. What a bummer. Thankfully here the snow is over and we really had very little this winter.
    2. Sounds like a good concert and how awesome your daughter played with them.
    3. That made me chuckle
    4. Hope the Date Night is fun.
    5. What a nice neighbor.
    Lovely photo too.

  6. Boy, do I know about that snow, but it really is so beautiful in your first photo!


  7. Farm eggs are the best! Thanks for joining in my friend. xo

  8. Hi Vicki! What a joy to see your daughter play with such a great symphony! You must be so proud of her.
    I do love a good glass of wine and fireplace. Sounds like heaven to me :)
    We had snow, sleet, hail and sun last week. Very weird! It's supposed to get better this week. I look forward to walking outside for a change.
    Enjoy your farm-fresh eggs!

  9. You must be so proud of your talented daughter!

  10. yes!!! the Universe is the Best Partner Ever!!! The photo of eggs is a nice one, too . . I agree - it's so good to have Nancy Return . . .