Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Is it really all good?


I am a bookworm.  And a music lover.  Not a musician, but a lover of music.  (I leave the musicianship to our 3 very talented littles.)  As a youngster, I would race to the public library and spend my time lost in adventures.   I have my own library full of books in my home now.  OK, maybe more than I should have all over the house, but the very old vintage ones with those wonderful spines are very decorative, and they are my absolute faves.  I haven't read all of them, either.  Most of them I have acquired at used book sales, and I have posted before about the ones with that lovely script handwriting of old, claiming ownership or gifting a book to a new owner.  Yes, Old Friends for sure.  

Now as I curl up with a book, currently A Force for Good by Daniel Goleman, to try and distract me from tragic news that arrived earlier in the day, I peer at my piano and notice the old barnwood sign made by a friend that reads, "It's all good".  Yet, it really isn't.  For my heart pains for a tragic loss of a young extended family member who died much too young.  We didn't know him well, but it hurts just to know that his immediate family unit is totally numb.  

And we go on. 

Not being able to focus on any reading, I turn on the tube which doesn't get much use because there really isn't anything good on anymore, except for the cool stuff on National Geographic or the History channel.  And I click through channels only to hear more bad news.  Tragedy all over the place.  There has to be something good going on somewhere in the world in which we live.  But why don't we hear or see any of it on TV?  Has society gone so far off the rails that it must tune into such dark and negative and painful sufferings of humanity for entertainment?  How sad!

So, I call it a day, cuddle up to my wonderful husband of 29 years, close my eyes and go inward to tap into the glory of my awakened soul which keeps me in tune.

I realize that I am only one.  And I wonder sometimes if it is possible for just one person to make a difference in this life where there is so much chaos and strife among our fellow man.  I am strong. I am hopeful.  And I am determined.  So yes, I will go forward with my radiant light, in hopes that someone who is in the dark will see it, and understand that they are not alone.  Most of all, that there IS light, even in darkness.  
I am grateful for all that I  have.  And I urge all of you to practice compassion wherever you may go.  One simple act can make all the difference in the world to another human being.  Help me to keep humanity from destroying itself.  For then, yes, it will be ALL GOOD!


  1. Hi! Your photos are very beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Hi! Your photos are very beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Hi Vicki! I think your post sounds so much like a Psalm. David always seemed to start in worry or not knowing what would happen...but then he'd end his song with knowing he was being consoled, and expressed his faith.

    I am so sorry about the death of your family member. Even if you didn't know that person well, as you say, you feel for the immediate family. Such a blessing to have a husband who likes to cuddle and allows you to be silent and comforted. Your words helped me see that scene so well.

    Blessings always,

  4. I am sorry for your family's loss, Vicki. All family members feel a loss and share the sorrow together.
    It really is 'all good'. I have always felt this. There is good in everything....we just have to look and sometimes dig.
    Compassion is the way and ultimately the answer for all of us in this world.
    Thanks for sharing your feelings.

  5. I am so sorry to hear of your loss ~ not easy when our loved ones pass on ~ Lots of healing energy hugs to you ~

    So glad to have you visit my blog ~ I hope you read my haiku ~

    Lovely message on your blog and beautiful photo of the light that is always there even in the darkness ~ Wishing you peace in your day ~ ^_^

    another avid reader here ^_^

    1. Yes..."light braving the dark".

      Thank you!