Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Love and Peace

We are one...tune in, to the message of your very own soul.  It is not spewing the hatred and talking points of the protests...or the news outlets.  Those are egos battling for attention, disgracing the very spirit that gives the soul life, with love and true peace.

Go inward...your soul is echoing the beating of your heart, with thankfulness and grace. Close your eyes and feel it.

Let's re-connect!

And always, always give thanks!  You are blessed, no matter what race, religion, gender...even if you are an atheist.  Yes, you too, are blessed...or you wouldn't even be here!

Now depending on how you choose to live your life, you may feel as though you are cursed.  The choice is yours.  The power of successful living comes from within!  

So those of you who are reeling from the tumultuous election cycle...move on!  For life is passing you by, and time waits for no one!  

Don't waste your soulful energy on is draining you of your true spirit! 

How about this?  How about everyone get out there and perform one RANDOM ACT OF KINDNESS for another. at a passing stranger and wish them a nice day.  Hold the door open for everyone.  Rake the neighbor's leaves...shovel the neighbor's snow, just to be nice.  Not for pay.  Bake cookies for someone.  Leave flowers on someone's doorstep.  And this is my favorite RAK...we always, always pay the bridge toll for the car behind us. 

It's that simple! 

And remember...always, always give thanks.

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  1. kindness, it is contagious!! these are things i always do - in decemeber i am uping the anti and finding some new ways to pay it forward!!!