Friday, October 28, 2016


As the Autumn leaves succumb to rain and wind and yes, our first snow, we must remind ourselves that the changing of seasons is a gift from our Creator.  The very One that is truly the common thread in all that exists, no matter what belief system you engage in. 

In our country where the topic of conversation, is not the beauty of the seasons, or the wonderful bounty of fall, but the battle between 2 very different and 2 very vocal candidates for the big job as President of these United States. 

Yet, as I watch the news, which is very hard to do anymore, we are not as united as we should be as "the people".  Not only is there more division in this great land through racism, and sexism, and oh boy am I, as a woman tired of all that talk, the political process is a nightmare this time around.  I am quite sure this is not how it was meant to be for the election of our leader. 

How is it that if one doesn't believe in another's viewpoints, or personal opinions, an all out battle ensues?  What ever happened to "to each his own"?  I have the right to disagree with you on your political viewpoints, or perhaps it is you, that disagrees with my views?  Whatever, we are individuals, and in a free society, those are our rights.  But, to take that disagreement and turn it into a physical, or a verbal assault on another's well being, is just plain wrong, and I just shake my head in disbelief at how quickly so many judge another.   For we will all be judged by our actions in the end.

There is only one judge...and I'm not talking about the one at the courthouse, after you get your butt arrested for violent protesting.  Where is your pride?  Have you no honor?  What about integrity? 

WAKE UP AMERICA!  There's alot at stake in this great land...and it really has nothing to do with the crap of " He said, She said"...blah blah blah.  Get the facts and educate yourself fully before you go into that voting booth.  And yes, that too, is not only your right, but it is a privilege!

Everyone, thankfully, in our family is gainfully employed.  We do our fair share...we volunteer, we give back, we participate in our community events, including the church...and yes, we are proud of it!  Yes, we can look in the mirror each day and know that we make a difference in our society!  A positive difference!  And yes, we are proud of it!

You too, can make a difference.  It is your right.  But it is not your right to thrust yourself into my peaceable kingdom.  First, I will not allow it or accept it!  And second, your negative efforts will be infused with guilt and shame and will drain you of all that is truly good that lies deep within your soul!  Tune inward!  And if you have nothing nice to say to another....keep your mouth shut!

Remember..."do unto others".  And for your own salvation, always give thanks!



  1. You go! Spoken like a true human being. Someone kind & brave. I'm grateful to have you as a good friend.

  2. I am grateful to read the words that express your thoughts. You have many talents dear friend and I fell the passion you put into your writing.

  3. You're so right - what a terrible election this has been. Each side is so firmly entrenched that no one is willing to listen to anything they don't agree with - "discussions" degenerate into name calling...