Thursday, November 28, 2013

Random Acts of Kindness

Giving...Giving Thanks...Thankfulness...Gratitude...Blessed Be...Loved...


Truly, when one awakens to a brand new day, whether the sun is shining, or the rain is falling, or the cold winds blow a pretty white flurry of snow flakes through the atmosphere, it is a day for Giving Thanks!

Always show kindness.  Now something we always do as a family, and I mean always, unless of course an 18-wheeler pulls up behind us at the toll booth, (you'll get that in just a bit) is, we pay the bridge toll for the vehicle behind us when crossing the river.  (It costs much more, per axle in fact, if a tractor trailer pulls up behind you to cross the bridge.)

This is the first time the middle child has ventured off away from home for Thanksgiving.  And just before leaving the house, suitcase in hand, stopped to double check that there was enough cash at the ready to pay the bridge toll for the car behind her as she went over the river and through the woods, this Thanksgiving Day.

Now, think about this; depending on the recipient of this very small random act of kindness, the person pulling up to the booth could be so immersed in some mental turmoil full of angst almost ready to stomp the gas pedal and push your vehicle a little faster through this toll booth process.

If that is the case, this simple gesture has instantly, without warning, transformed the negative mindset of this stranger into a positive vibration first made obvious by a smile...a genuine smile that comes naturally when a happiness occurs.  A complete 180!

I'd like to think that this angry person, ok maybe just a tad cranky, with their own toll cash at the ready to toss out to the toll taker, forks that cash over for the car directly behind him, just because he's still so stunned by having his toll paid for.  And maybe, this next recipient is in the same "former" state as this lucky individual who was just awarded a sign via the cosmic universe...a very symbolic gesture indeed, that we are all connected...

Now, the case may be that the vehicle, (car, SUV, mini-van, pick-up truck) pulling into the toll booth is already in a happy state of being; singing all the way up to the toll taker, tunes a-blasting.  Again, cash at the ready, is now presented with or given a present, via a very simple gesture of a kind soul, who just passed through the booth, and paid your toll...without hesitation you keep on singing, and you do the same!

Yes, pay it backward!

Nature...the good, the bad, the ugly...always brings peace!

Either way, to either of the lucky persons "steered" in behind you as you approach the toll plaza, you are blessed!

Rejoice in that, and SMILE!
For Smiles spread JOY!
And Great Joy is LOVE!

A Love Divine!

Listen, and you will hear the message being spoken to you, to your heart and soul through the quiet noise of Nature.  Join in the dialogue.  It will have a profound impact on your life...

Giving...Giving Thanks...Thankfulness...Gratitude...Blessed Be...


Happy Thanksgiving 2013


  1. Lovely post! I like the pictures, too. Hope you had a great Thanksgiving! :)

  2. Lol!! Great post. It gives me such great pleasure to things like this. In Judaism we have what's called mitzva-basically good deeds-If you need recognition-then it's not the right reason but if you get 100% satisfaction from doing that deed-then you know it's for the right reason. Of course not all deeds can be anonomous. But you get the idea. I love your tradition. And what a beautiful thing to pass on to your kids. Xo

  3. What a wonderful thing to do! I love that you are doing it and that your kids are doing it now, too :) So beautiful. Kindness makes a huge difference, no matter how simple the act of kindness is :)

    Have a wonderful day!
    Hugs to you,