Friday, June 24, 2016


What matters most to me, besides my wonderful family of course, is this...

I am true to true authentic self, where there is Divine Love in abundance.
It is my soul, my spirit, through which the Kingdom of Heaven can be realized here on earth.

I've had this Holy Spirit, even before birth, but it is upon birth into this human body temple, 
that the spirit is exposed.  It is rarely recognized as the indwelt nature bestowed upon
or gifted to all of mankind, due to the nature of the ego that speaks
much louder, demanding attention, thereby putting the true authentic self, 
the soul, the Holy Spirit under siege by humanity itself.  

For some folks there is great darkness that comes with pain and suffering, 
and total despair requiring complete and total surrender.
Transformation can only take place when you quiet the mind and go inward to where the soul is lying in wait...awaiting the glorious moment when the light goes on, and the ego self disappears and 
the true authentic self, born in the image of God is visible,
 and the Kingdom of Heaven, here on earth is realized!

It's a beautiful thing!
And always, always give thanks!
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  1. Spending time with and listening to your Inner Voice of Knowing is crucial to an authentic life, I agree.

  2. sometimes in our darkest hours, faith is all we have left to bring us back to hope. thanks for the beautiful scenes.

  3. Sometimes we find ourselves in the most difficult times...

    Wishing you a great weekend :)

  4. Today I have read something nice about this theme. Thanks for you good blog with openess and beauty.

  5. I feel your authentic self shinning through your words Vicki. Have a glorious day. xo