Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Empty Nest...again

The three "littles" have all gone back to their respective domains to conquer a last semester in college; to take on a new job; to teach other people's littles to sing in harmony...and as their Mother, as much as I still cry when they leave, as much as I worry about them driving in snowy weather, or just driving at all anymore, I know that worrying is draining me of my intense spirit that normally soars. 

So I have turned this day's worries into an empire of strength as I haul more wood in to keep the fire burning, so hubby doesn't have to when he gets home in the dark.  Since the cold winter wind has died down just a bit, I can walk in the woods to gather the remains of the fallen branches for kindling without fear of getting knocked out or crushed.  

And I am warmed by the lingering sound of the laughter of bonded siblings, the leftovers from the "baby little" who loves to cook, and the forgotten clothes in the washing machine which means only one thing... SHE'LL BE BACK!!!  And when one comes home, they all come home to be together, if only for a day!  I love our family!

And when they open their suitcases and bags and boxes to unpack, I know they will smile a BIG smile for the love notes from Mom, their fave cereal, tea and various surprises, and they will each remember the magnet that was sent with them upon their first departure from the homestead that reads:




  1. Oh....empty nest is a blessing and a curse.

  2. Ah, this made me smile. My oldest is going off to college in the fall, and that makes me sad. Home is where your mom is for sure - I will make sure I remind her of that!