Friday, December 6, 2013

Tuned In

 As the seeker tunes in to his very own soul, the cosmic communication becomes much more vivid. There is a constant connection and an ongoing dialogue in the conversation with the universe.  You see, when you go within, right to the center of your very own core being, you are completely free. Free from the obstacles and events of everyday life that present themselves in the other dimension; the material world...where your body lives and moves and works.  Where your body lives.

Once you become aware, and it can happen with such rapidity that you will be in utter disbelief.  But then you will begin to capture and recognize the signs and the symbols that are like beacons to show you that you are indeed a child of the universe. That you are connected.  That you belong.  Yes, there are those moments, when the brain lets your mind take over as it acknowledges sight, sound, touch, smell, taste.  Then to combine all those senses as you take in the breath of  life; your very own life as you inhale.  The life that you breathe in, and the very life that you exhale and send forth, back into the cosmic atmosphere to be rejuvenated and recharged as it tunes in and communes with its unique frequency; your very own sixth sense in another dimension.  Your very own vibration that communicates with others who are picking up or tuning in to receive your message.

It gets better...synchronicities and "aha" moments , those times when you just have to shake your head and smile, for there is no real explanation, other than you are in tune and tuned in. What you must realize at those moments, is that it is all meant to be.  Those events occur because you have allowed yourself to open up to the possibility that there is much more to the situation than a sheer "coincidence".  These moments occur because you have put forth a particular energy that has been acknowledged by another energy force, and they collide to send out a signal to let you know that this truly was no accident at all.  Be prepared...your vibes may be tuning in and intersecting with your very own soul mate!

Upon waking up each and every day, practice gratitude.  For when you open and release the positive energy in the form of gratitude, you are providing nourishment for the soul.  The reward you receive for expressing thankfulness, will provide you with an inner calm and peace.  And that is what will keep you focused and free from angst and turmoil.  You will find yourself with a great big genuine smile for the effort. Try it.  And stay tuned...the universe is having a conversation with all of us!

  And yes, IT'S ALL GOOD!


  1. So glad to have found your blog. And, I so's all good.

  2. Gratitude is something I try to practice daily. (That's a lovely sky shot.)

  3. Riveting stuff and could particularly relate to the moments where you just have to shake your head and smile...your explanation makes perfect sense!

    1. Tune-in Luke...there are plenty of those "aha" moments awaiting your acknowledgement. Breathe in the moment, and allow yourself to take flight. For once you do, there's no stopping them! Aloha