Friday, October 5, 2012

Lessons Learned

"The trust of the innocent is the liar's most useful tool."
  (Stephen King)

Turning the page is truly easier said than done.  That is, of course in relation to moving on after experiencing a great disappointment.  For when you are the victim of a breach of trust, the natural instinct of the brain goes into attack modeIt is an immediate response that must be put in check quickly, so as not to produce a more negative result that will encompass your whole existence.  The mind, heart and soul are connected in a very unique way.  When the mind exercises its great power in rage, the heart and soul are directly affected. And at that point your health is also in jeopardy.  The feeling of a black heart will kill the soul.

Yes, we've all heard the phrase, "revenge is sweet".  And sometimes revenge can be accomplished very easily without much effort at all. But what good is revenge if others who are completely innocent in the whole matter are caught in the crossfire?  For the truth is, no matter how sweet the act of even planning revenge may seem, it makes you equal to the perpetrator. You become a victim, all over again.  And you are left with a feeling of despair and guilt for having acted in the same manner as the one who has wronged you so terribly.  Hatred and revenge are not the answer. 

  •  In taking revenge, a man is but even with his enemy; but in passing it over, he is superior.  (Francis Bacon)
No, the only way to overcome a deep and painful attack on your very existence from a breach of trust, is to acknowledge it for exactly what it is. It may have been done in a vicious manner, so as to harm, and it may have even occurred without specific malicious intent whatsoever.  Perhaps it was just an act of wanton disregard for human feeling.  Whatever the reason, the act itself is done...gone with the wind...and that, too, is how you must condition your mind to see it...done...gone...over!

The brain is powerful.  Your mind has the ability to allow peaceful existence to take over your body...heart and soul...and free you from the inner turmoil and anguish.  You must let it go!  Will yourself to find the lesson from it, because there is always a lesson to be learned when conflict obstructs our version of harmony within.  And finally, as hard as it may be, forgiveness is the way to release the mental torment that has taken hold of your human spirit.

Have faith and remember that patience is a virtue.  For this too, shall pass.  But until it does, here's a quick quip to keep you in check...

  • Time wounds all heels.  (Anonymous)


  1. This is SO GOOD! Wow! Thank you for sharing it with me!!! :)

  2. Wise words! It's important to recognize the distinction between reacting to events and responding to events. Anger and retaliation are based on reactivity and only perpetuate negativity in the end. Sometimes the only control we have over a given situation is how we choose to respond, and that response dictates how much suffering will arise from it. If we just react according to blind emotion, we are completely at the mercy of whatever misfortune has been placed in front of us. It's all about how we choose to meet the challenges life throws at us. Very positive blog!