Monday, January 30, 2017

Political Correctness

So what's the deal with all this "political correctness"?  You can't say this, you can't say that...oh but the first amendment is all about freedom of speech.  Right?

Well how about if the press is pushing it's own agenda?  Hello?  How is it that they can get out there and say whatever they want, truth or not?  

Alot of propoganda out there from the so-called press.  And while our family watched the 45th President of these United States, and his family attend the Inter-Faith National Prayer service, which included a Muslim prayer, on the day after the inauguration, the mainstream media is covering Madonna and others, who have disgraced themselves in the name of women!  What a sham!  And what a crying shame!  Yes, I am a woman, and those people do not speak for me on any score.  Especially with that nasty, vile tone they use!

And while I know people who attended the Women's March, I respect their right to do so, I would never allow my daughter to listen to the garbage that some of those celebrity hate mongers spewed that day.  It is shameful how they have used women as a means to keep dividing the country even further.....and for what?

We are all born of the same life force.  You can call it by any name you choose.  And some of the great divide comes from organized religion. There is only one judge.  And I am not talking about the one with a gavel, who throws your butt in jail for wreaking havoc on our otherwise civilized society.  Get a grip.   And take a look in the mirror.  Is this what your mother intended you do with your life?  Raise hell, cause trouble?  Really! 

This is not a Christian or Muslim issue.  This is not a gender issue...and it is certainly not a race issue, which is very bad in our great land, thanks to the press who loves this type of conflict.


To each his own! It is so!  Let us not try to divide and conquer ~ let us love and nurture and give of ourselves to try and save what is left of humanity!  For it is humanity that is killing itself.  And it has nothing to do with guns!

Oh, I am woman, a proud, hard-working woman.  A wife, a mother, a sister, a daughter...and I am blessed with the Grace of God...just like everyone else.  The difference between me and them is quite simple...I am letting my light shine!  It is bright, and it is beautiful, and it is a gift, and nobody can take that away from me.

Not even a man!


  1. I respect your opinion, but the right to free speech is something our soldiers have fought and died for. We have a free press that accurately reports the news. Try living in Russia or another dictatorship where any dissent is cause for arrest and torture and mysterious disappearances. If you study history you would find direct parallels with the rise of Hitler in this administration. Deportations, discrimination, closed borders, military build-up, nationalism, discrediting the press. Open your eyes.

    1. Oh Beatrice, I am all for free speech, and I do stand by our men and women in uniform who gave us that right, but some of the press coverage is not at all trustworthy. All I am saying here is with the right of free speech, we can accomplish more with a message of love and harmony vs. the negative tone of divisive behavior. It seems that the press thrives on chaos, when much more could be accomplished were it to spend the same amount of time on coverage in a positive light. Not all is bad in the world. Let's see more of the good!
      And btw, I write letters to our men and women serving our great country regularly to thank them for their service!

  2. Oh Vicki, these are proving challenging times to journey through with so much animosity triggering so much fear that sometimes it feels like the collective simply can't catch its breath. And we know how important those slow deep breaths can be to calm and center energy!

    May we all find ways to shine our light, to work towards genuine celebration of our diversity and universal unity, and be blessings manifest on this precious planet of ours.