Friday, July 8, 2016

The Pond

The pond lilies are in full bloom.
Since the heat of summer has finally come, the horses are hiding out in the shade.

And as I step closer to try and get a better shot, I see now why the geese and all the growing goslings are also hiding out in the field with the horses... Snakes are not my thing.  But a gorgeous shot all the same! 

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  1. Love the lilies and the fence...but golly....I HATE snakes. :-)

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  3. The lilies are divine and the fence is lovely, the snake, not so much.

  4. That is beautiful. So peaceful.

  5. OMG...That would rattle my pun intended! I just visited The Huntington Library where there were lilies like these reaching for the heavens. I've never seen them like this. Beautiful scenery...minus the snake(shivers!)