Friday, October 16, 2015

The Glory of Autumn

Autumn is my favorite season...ok, for the record, whatever season I am in is my favorite.  Yes, that is what living a mindful life is all about.  Even the one that graces us with the beautiful white stuff as it falls so peacefully (dumps is more like it) to the ground like these colored leaves that let go as they sail away with the gentle breezes that blow...or fall to the ground and become mingled with the acorns as the squirrels skitter here and there stocking up for my next fave season to come.
folks enjoying fishing in Autumn on the Delaware River
But until then, the glorious colors and that bounty of fall, which includes pumpkins, gourds, beautiful mums, and wonderful, wonderful apples, is something to look forward to.  It is sad to think that some folks have never experienced the full blown beauty of Mother Nature at this time of year.  
Yes, be mindful of this moment.  Wherever you are.  And enjoy it in all of its glory!

With Much Aloha...


  1. I agree. Fall/Autumn is my favourite season but it is too short! I agree too that it is best to be mindful of and appreciative of all the seasons. They each have their beauty.

  2. Although Spring is my favorite season, one can't help but love fall! It has been an exceptionally beautiful one this year!