Monday, January 20, 2014

Winter In The Big Woods

A winter trek with the dog can turn into quite an interesting adventure.  Cold and windy as it was, it was peaceful in the woods.  The further back you go, you pick up the sounds of the running water that has not completely frozen over.  And what Labrador doesn't love water...cold or not?

Goofy dog had no idea that he'd be walking home with icicles hanging off of him.  Wish I could've let him off his leash, but there were wild turkeys out and about.  And he would be long gone chasing them..he's not one to give up.
Turkey tracks look like little arrows pointing the way...until you get to the whole flock of prints....then you don't know which way to go...round and round we go!  Aren't they cool?
Yes, lots to see in the BIG WOODS.
Home again, home again, jiggity jig!

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  1. Such an enjoyable and adventurous walk! Wow, wild turkeys, now that would have been a sight to see! The beauty of the winter scene in the last image would make a perfect illustration for Robert Frost's, 'Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening'!

    Thanks for stopping by and following Poppy View on a wintry day.

    I have added your lovely blog to my circles in Google +, as I cannot find GFC anywhere on your site.


  2. oh my goodness that dog must have been freezing. I love that last picture. It's so pretty

  3. What a beautiful sight that last image is. And icicles on your lab, that is funny.

  4. Oh your sweet Lab! Who could not resist the water. Even in such a winter. Did he actually have icicles hanging off of him, later? -chuckle-

    Our son and daughter in law have 2 black Labs, and we love them. They are such great doggies. A lot of thanks, to our daughter in law, who trains them wonderfully. :-)

    Keep warm!

    Gentle hugs,

  5. Love the turkey tracks! I'm feeling cold just reading and looking. We've had no snow yet this winter so far. Thanks so much for linking to my blog.

  6. Winter in the woods, what a lovely way to enjoy a snow day! Thanks so much for your visit, it is lovely to meet you. Yes I do make my own incense but at the moment, can't burn any due to my respiratory conditions. I certainly will let you know if I do make any in the near future.