Sunday, April 28, 2013

Makin' A Difference Today

Spring is my favorite time of year!  Well, that is until, the next season rolls in with its own special trait that swings me in its direction of favoritism.  For living in the northeast United States, we are given all of the glory and the fury that Mother Nature can bestow upon us.  Now, in springtime, the buds are peaking out, the birds are nesting, the various blossoms on the trees and flowers provide glorious scents and are a vision worthy of paint and canvas.

“One is not born into the world to do everything 
but to do something.” 

With Spring however, comes the inclination that it is time for "Spring Cleaning".  Yuck!  I am not Suzy Homemaker who has to have the dishes done the moment they hit the sink.  I'd rather sit with another glass of wine, or slip away with a cup of tea and a book to a soft location and relax.  And, I DON'T DO WINDOWS!  However, with a dog and a cat around, the sweeping and vacuuming are an endless chore.  I hate it! Laundry, well, thankfully everyone in this household does their own laundry. I think that transpired over the years of everyone tossing the previous owner's load aside to some god forsaken basket, getting buried with the incoming dirty laundry, and of course losing at least one sock from every pair that went into the load.  Somewhere there is a sock heaven.  It is not beyond anyone in this house to wear socks that do not match.  It has become a normalcy that comes from wearing boots all the time.  Nobody sees that they don't match!

“I am only one; but still I am one. I cannot do everything, 
but still I can do something; 
I will not refuse to do something I can do.” 

Today, I am on the Spring kick...I will make a difference today.  The curtains are all down and in the wash.  They will dry in the sun today and provide that terrific smell of line dried linens.  The buckets are out with the Murphy's Oil Soap to scrub down all the wood that stares at me daily.  And an extra scrub for the living room after the chimney fire this week.  Whew, were we lucky there!   And later, when all is done...I will create a work of art!  You just watch me!  Yes, I am on a mission to make a difference today!


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